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Teach and motivate your community

If you are organising a seminar or conference to inspire women, I can speak at your event. My talks are centred around how to build families, have successful careers and make an impact on society and the Church by fully embracing our authentic femininity. This requires understanding what we women bring to the table and how to enhance our well-being and our productivity.
From preconception through to labour & childbirth, I can teach your community how to improve their chances of a healthy conception and pregnancy naturally. This also includes how to recover naturally from pregnancy loss.
I am available to contribute my expert knowledge on natural fertility and authentic femininity at your event, news publication and other forms of media such as podcast, blog or book.

My talks are aimed at


Reminding women of how special they are and how much the world needs their feminine genius


Teaching them how to understand and heal their body’s natural rhythm in order to support their health, fertility and boost productivity.


Teaching the New Eve Method as a framework to regain the natural harmony established by God when He created us.

About the New Eve Method

The New Eve Method is designed to help women regain the natural harmony established by God when He created us. It is based on the principle that it is easier for us to happy, healthy and fulfilled when we become the best versions of ourselves just like God intended from the beginning. It is a combination of natural techniques and comprises of the New Eve Union, Confidence, Diet, Rhythm and Influence.
I created the New Eve Method after working with hundreds of women to have healthy conception and pregnancies as a Holistic Fertility Therapist. I found that achieving a natural balance is the most effective way to becoming a mum and that it should always be the first option for every woman. It is also essential for us to have highly successful careers so that we can make the impact we want to make in the world & the Church.
The New Eve Method helps women to strive for the natural harmony in body, mind and soul so that they can experience healthy families and successful careers and so make the impact that they are called to make in the world. It is only when we become the women God created us to be can we have the families that He has called us to have and the impact He wants us to have in the world (Gen 1:28). The Catholic Church has repeatedly called on women to express their genius and through my work I help women to do this.
Because the New Eve Method is based on natural principles, it is useful for every woman regardless of her background, marital status, ethnicity and environment. It supports every woman to be her best self regardless of her particular circumstances.

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